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Custom Christmas Wedding bobbleheads

I used to hear from my grandpa that in his generation, while they were trying to express their love to some lovely girls, they would prefer to do something for the girl by their own. Well, at that time, the photos were not popular. But my grandpa was a clever boy at that time and he draw a picture for my grandma. Last time while I visited her, she even showed me the picture that she had stored for her whole life. Now the custom bobbleheads could do the same work as the picture. The own made gifts could always impress your lovers. So why not design custom bobbleheads for your girlfriends?

Compared with the drawing, the custom bobblehead is a 3D project. But that does not mean that the creating progress is more complicated. Generally, you could make the design and ask the professional sculptors to help you finish the works since you may not have the enough tools or materials. As her lovers, you must have plenty of her photos. This will make the design easier. You should make sure that you have a few full-body photos which are taken from different sides.

Custom bobbleheads of Couple sauna

You could draw the sketches on papers. Make some exaggeration to the features of head and face. And pay attention to the ratio between body and head. Generally, the head should be much larger than the normal ratio. This is for the cute appearance and at the same time, the larger head is much easier to custom bobblehead .

Then you could scan your sketches and send them to the sculptors. If you are endowed with some sculpting talents, you could try to make the custom bobbleheads by yourself. Then you would have to prepare the clay and the pigments and so on. Then here comes her birthday, how excited she would be while receiving your own made gifts?

If you want to design the custom bobbleheads better, you could take the advantage of some softwares which could help you to make the ratio much better. If you have tried but still could not make the satisfied design, you could just scan her photos and send them to the manufacturers. The manufacturers would be pleased to design custom bobbleheads for you. Before creating the dolls, they would send you the design and ask whether you are satisfied. You could ask them to make some changes. If you are looking for the sculptors who could produce the custom bobblehead for you, you could visit: http://www.whoopgift.com

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